How Liberia quarantine may help spread Ebola


As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to spread, the government of Liberia has imposed – with soldiers, barricades and some gunfire – a quarantine on one of the poorest sections of the capital city Monrovia. And, as media like the New York Times and…

Satire becomes reality: Ferguson, MO edition


The top UN human rights official, Navi Pillay, said that the current protests in Ferguson, Missouri remind her of her own experiences protesting apartheid in South Africa. She is the latest international official to weigh in on the human rights volations that have been taking place…

Visualizing health disparities in war and peace: Israel vs Palestine


Conflict between Israel and Palestine has resumed, with Israeli airstrikes killing top Hamas leaders and Hamas executing Palestinians they suspected of collaborating with Israel. The deadly cycle begins again, with civilian casualties mounting in Gaza as leaders on both sides blame each other for the breakdown…

Water advocates sour on Philanthropedia’s crowd-sourced rankings


Everyone these days wants to find a better way to evaluate the performance of humanitarian and non-profit organizations, in part because many of these groups have for too long operated on the assumption that having good intentions, a noble mission, was good enough. But finding better metrics for do-gooders can be harder than it sounds.

Greenpeace staffers call for resignation of top leaders


The fallout has been swift in the month since it was revealed that Greenpeace International’s program director was regularly commuting by plane between his home in Luxembourg to the organization’s offices in Amsterdam. A letter from 40 Greenpeace Netherlands staff, reported last week by the Dutch…

Canadian? Want to intern at the UN? That will be $2,500. Thanks.


Are you interested in a career working at the United Nations? Are you a Canadian legal resident or citizen? Do you have a spare $20k laying around? Do you like working for an organization that is supposed to stand up for workers rights, but will exploit…