Latin American women organizing to fight sexual violence


Seattle hosts a gathering of Mujeres Adelante, in English ‘Women Forward,’ a joint program of the Seattle International Foundation (a Humanosphere sponsor) and the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Women’s Issues aimed at fighting violence and empowering women.

World looks away from Syrian civil war’s 191,000 deaths


When the Syrian government crossed the proverbial red line by attacking civilians with chemical weapons in August 2013, Americans took note. Debates over whether to attack Syria took place in Washington DC, in newspapers, on television and many homes across the country. An attack never happened…

Beyond the Berlin patient – seeking a cure for HIV-AIDS


Researchers from many corners of the world, including the Nobel Prize winning co-discoverer of the AIDS virus Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, are in Seattle this week to explore the possibility of curing people of HIV. It’s the right place for such an ambitious meeting, given that the first person…

Greenpeace staffers call for resignation of top leaders


The fallout has been swift in the month since it was revealed that Greenpeace International’s program director was regularly commuting by plane between his home in Luxembourg to the organization’s offices in Amsterdam. A letter from 40 Greenpeace Netherlands staff, reported last week by the Dutch…

Canadian? Want to intern at the UN? That will be $2,500. Thanks.


Are you interested in a career working at the United Nations? Are you a Canadian legal resident or citizen? Do you have a spare $20k laying around? Do you like working for an organization that is supposed to stand up for workers rights, but will exploit…