About Us

Humanosphere exists to tell the stories of the global poor and the people who are working to change the world. We are an independent, non-profit news organization devoted to making news about the global fight against poverty and inequity as engaging as a cat video, an explosion, a celebrity in rehab or a celebrity cat exploding in rehab.

As described in our mission statement, we are devoted to covering and analyzing the most important (or entertaining) issues in the global health, aid and development arena. We are deadly serious about poverty, injustice and suffering. But not too serious. That’s deadly boring.

The site is based in Seattle and was launched in 2010 with support from National Public Radio largely because of the region’s leadership in global health, aid, development and the humanitarian sector – most notably, the world’s largest philanthropy, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

But this is not a local story; this is a frigging worldwide phenomenon. We’re stunned every day to learn of all the do-goodery out there. Humanosphere has, since tumbling out of the NPR nest and spreading its independent journalistic wings, expanded its coverage and reach simply to try to keep up. Nearly a third of Humanosphere’s daily audience is outside the U.S. Yes, there’s lots to do still and plenty to criticize. We do the watchdog thing, as journalists. But we see real progress toward ending extreme poverty. That deserves daily coverage.

Our board of directors
  • Rashmir Balasubramaniam, a brilliant expert on social enterprise, ray of sunshine and CEO of the global strategies consulting firm Nsansa.org
  • Bill Foege, the man who beat smallpox, former head of the CDC and one of the original architects of the Gates Foundation’s global health mission
  • Andrew Haring, Seattle attorney active in humanitarian causes and general counsel for Talking Rain, formerly counsel to ultrasound manufacturer Sonosite
  • King Holmes, world-renowned infectious disease expert and former head of global health at the University of Washington
  • Jim Simon, managing editor at the Seattle Times and one of the most thoughtful journalists I know
  • Kentaro Toyama, co-founding director of Microsoft Research India, W.K. Kellogg Chair at the University of Michigan School of Information, fellow at the MIT Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values … and Humanosphere’s leading geek heretic
  • Lisa Unsoeld-Chang, who works in major gifts at United Way of King County and is focused on helping us navigate the world of non-profit organizational development.
  • Eric Walker, board chair, president of Eric G. Walker and Associates, a top consulting firm to many international NGOs and former VP for corporate services (aka CFO) at PATH

Humanosphere’s editorial team has grown substantially from the days when founder Tom Paulson ranted in isolation. Tiffany Smith-Fleischman keeps us somewhat manageable as managing editor. East Coast correspondent Tom Murphy, a prolific writer and blogger on aid and development (View From The Cave, Huffington Post, The Guardian and other publications), keeps readers abreast of the leading issues in the humanitarian sector every day. Imana Gunawan produces our podcasts and manages social media. We have many other regular contributors, some based in the developing world, who give readers a perspective on the world they cannot find anywhere else.

Other partners include Hans Bjordahl and his team at Culture Foundry, a website design-and-management powerhouse with a track record of delivering transformational change. They do media disruption.

Together, we want to expand and improve the media narrative on poverty and inequity through disruptive insight, analysis, irreverence, outrage or humor. Whatever it takes.

Please join us and enter the Humanosphere!