News Rounds: China and Japan fight over world’s oldest person, US dragging its feet on global women’s rights, hot air on climate treaty and more | 

China and Japan battle it out over world’s oldest person (GlobalPost) – Jiroemon Kimura, born 1897 in Japan, was thought to be the world’s oldest living person at 115. But now Luo Meizhen, a Chinese woman, claims to be 127 years old.

The push to get US to sign on to international women’s treaty (InterPress) — The United States continues to be in the dubious company of six countries that have either refused or are reluctant to ratify the landmark U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Hot Air: The successes and failure of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change (Nature) – Experts agree that the next climate treaty must take a more pragmatic approach than the Kyoto Protocol, which failed to win over the biggest polluters in part because it relied on a mix of ethical and environmental rationales rather than economic ones.

Why HIV rates keep rising in Russia (Al Jazeera) — HIV is spreading five times faster in Russia than the global average, with Ukraine and Russia accounting for 90 percent of the region’s cases.

How biofuels are making Guatamela hungry (NY Times) — In the tiny tortillerias of this city, people complain ceaselessly about the high price of corn. Just three years ago, one quetzal — about 15 cents — bought eight tortillas; today it buys only four. And eggs have tripled in price because chickens eat corn feed.

Google’s Mr. Schmidt goes to Pyongyang (Slate) — On Monday, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt arrived in North Korea, a country that is almost completely cut off from the Internet. Schmidt, who is traveling with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, is part of what has been termed a private humanitarian mission.