Join the conversation: Can Seattle Save the World?

The forum doesn’t begin until 7 p.m. PST at Town Hall Seattle, but you can join in the conversation right now using the Twitter hashtag #SEAsaves.

Not able to attend the event? KPLU’s Charla Bear will also be live blogging right here, at, starting at 7 p.m.


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  • Terry

    Thanks to Charla Bear for her excellent reporting/blogging/succinct info and thank you to Tom and the other participants for such an amazing format for this kind of an event. Hopefully it will be replicable many more times.

    I recently hit the wall per tracking and pondering and digesting information on a number of critical issues going on and withdrew from play. Most recently I just watched “The Age of Stupid”, a powerful narrative, but was once again overwhelmed by the magnitude of the interwoven problems. Nobody reading this website needs a rehash of that list, but I have to return–maybe dismissed as wimping out on all of this, i don’t know–on the psychological issues upstream of the problems we have created as well as the obstacles we have placed to solving them. It could be a navel-gazing distraction to some, if not many, who alrready are accomplished and focused and are on the train heading toward scientific and techological answers and their eventual implementation, and it may sound simply like worthless negativity to others, but….:

    I don’t know if anybody asked questions of this nature–what about the complicated and multi-polar psychological craziness at the heart of humanity?– at the event since they certainly are not the focus of the discussions and they are, frequently, discussion stoppers as well as unproductive to get people excited, but….maybe somebody thoughtful and active but having a reflective view on psychological aspects of what may be lurking upstream of our well intentioned actions could speak to this. Not me, I am too far gone in gloom and doom and barely able to function at all. But even the best and brightest, maybe by brain design, are generally unwilling to delve into this messy area. Yet it certainly trips us up, needless to say….

    Thank you again for a great discussion of vital issues at this event. May we all work with great clarity and purpose.