Carlos Sim Undermines Gates & Buffett Charity Pitch in China

I posted earlier about the weirdness of Carlos Slim and Bill Gates partnering up as philanthropists.

Here’s an article quoting the real Slim, deriding charity at a meeting in Australia while Gates and Warren Buffett are in China trying to convince billionaires there to join The Giving Pledge.


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  • JE

    But … Isn't it at least worth thinking about this – if the wealthy take what they've made in the First World and spread it around the Third World, what happens to the Second World right here in American and other First World countries (the dwindling middle class)? Healthier poor people is a great humane cause that should be taken up by governments. The wealthy should not be allowed to have the level of wealth they do which makes them the only real decision makers about who gets fed and who doesn't. Gates giving the money he got from the middle class and feeding poor people makes it seem okay that he has all our money. Slim wants to creat jobs with his … They're such good folks aren't they? The Middle Class has lost it's sense of pride and common purpose and soon its existence :(.