Deworming pills, goats, chickens and other great global health holiday gift ideas

I had been compiling a list of gift ideas aimed at fighting poverty and improving health in poor countries, but then saw that my colleagues at NPR central had already done it here.

For $36, you can prevent intestinal worms in nearly 1,000 kids. For $25, you can buy a poor family a better cook stove. Or you can get an original Hidalgo goat or chicken from Oxfam UnWrapped:

Any other noble gift ideas out there? I may still do a list of my own.


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  • Kathleen Bongiovanni

    A good option is the Uganda Village Projects’ “Give to the World” holiday gift program. The Uganda Village Project is an international non-profit NGO working on health and development in rural villages in Uganda. They focus on evidence based programs that really do depend on and incorporate community participation, and have an impressive lineup of projects. Protect 6 children from malaria for $15? Pretty good deal.

  • Marla Smith-Nilson
    A gift of any amount to Water 1st will help us reach our 2011 goals of bringing safe water and a toilet for life, and hygiene education training to over 13,000 people.
    $25 brings safe water and a toilet for life for one person in India
    $115 establishes a school hygiene education program in rural Ethiopia
    $250 (or $10/family) provides watersource protection training for 25 families in Honduras
    and $650 (or $25/family) provides a community toilet and shower block in the urban slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh for 25 households!