Food insecurity map

Millions of people, perhaps as many as a billion people, suffer from hunger and inadequate, intermittent access to food. Malnutrition in children is a massive global health problem. And “food insecurity” is on the increase due to rising food prices, agricultural losses, instability and an inequitable food distribution industry.

InterAction, with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), has developed Food Security Aid Map to provide detailed project-level information on food security and agriculture work being done by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The site can be browsed by location, sector, organization or project.

Below is a screen grab. Here is a link to the interactive map.

Food crisis map


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  • anon

    Not understanding this map – no NGOs working in the Middle East? Pakistan?

    “Unicef is ringing alarm bells about a malnutrition crisis of epic proportions in Sindh. New figures show that one in five flood-affected children are malnourished. Unicef says the figures are “shockingly bad” and reminiscent of famines in sub-Saharan Africa.” – BBC, Jan 2011

    That looks like a map of where these Western NGOs are working.

    • Tom Paulson

      I don’t think it was intended to be a complete map. It’s a collection of projects linked to Interaction, an umbrella organization representing a number of leading NGOs. I just thought it might be of interest, and of use, to folks to see a distribution/description of these projects. I will keep my eye open for a more complete map of such projects.