What do you want to know about the new Gates Foundation headquarters?

One of the primary missions of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is to make babies huge.

Babies are big at the Gates Foundation's new headquarters

Just kidding. This is from a Flickr photo montage (with images of people superimposed on building photos) that the Gates Foundation has put out as part of this week’s grand opening ceremonies celebrating its new Seattle headquarters.

I’m heading over there this morning, for my official media tour of the complex (here’s my post re my un-official tour in April) and have been told we may have a chance to ask Melinda some questions. Any suggestions?


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  • Gates Keepers

    How much did this building cost, Melinda?


    • Um… You could read their FAQ:

      “The total design and construction cost for the new campus is $500 million. Bill and Melinda made a personal contribution of $350 million in 2009 to off-set the construction cost of the new campus.”

      That took all of 2 minutes to find.

      • Gates Keepers

        Prostat: Was I talking to you? The question was asked of Melinda Gates.

        • Right, because she’s going to respond to a pseudonymous blog comment from a wanna-be watchdog.

          Protip: on the internet, you’re talking to everyone. The question’s been answered. Get over it.

          • Gates Keepers

            Ouch! In the words of Travis Bickle: “You talkin to me?”