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  • Alanna Shaikh

    I just tried to donate, but the pledge button just led me to the jpg of the pledge button.

    • Tom Paulson

      Thanks Alanna,
      I’ll try to get that fixed

  • KRediker

    Can it specififed or indicated that my interest is Humanosphere?

    • Keith Seinfeld

      Hi K

      When you donate, there’s a box on the form for “comments” and in that space you can make it clear why you are donating.  The comments are indeed read.  (We’re also tracking how many donations come from the link on Humanosphere.)

      - Keith Seinfeld (Humanosphere manager and KPLU reporter)

  • Larry

    I think everyone who pledges to support Humanosphere should get a Tom Paulson cap!

    • Tom Paulson

      I agree! 

  • Tom Paulson

    Actually, don’t quite yet. I appreciate the sentiment but we need to get our ducks in a row first. However, if a bag of money just sort of showed up on my porch …