Update on Greg Mortenson and ‘Three Cups of Deceit’

Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson

Author and philanthropist Greg “Three Cups of Tea” Mortenson is back in the news with his attorneys asking a judge to toss out a lawsuit that accuses him of defrauding readers and donors.

For a quick reminder of what Mortenson is accused of, you can read Jon Krakauer’s devastating critique and online booklet Three Cups of Deceit — or my synopsis of it, Ten Sips from Three Cups of Deceit.

According to the Associated Press, Mortenson is basing his defense on another author, James Frey, who was made infamous on the Oprah Winfrey Show where he was first celebrated and then later exposed for fabricating much of his story.

“Plaintiffs should not be allowed to create a world where authors are exposed to the debilitating expense of class action litigation just because someone believes a book contains inaccuracies,” contends Mortenson’s attorney John Kauffman.

In Mortenson’s case, however, the alleged fictional accounts in his books were used to not just sell the books but also to raise funds for his philanthropy, the Central Asia Institute, which builds schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. As stated in the AP story:

The lawsuit accuses the Montana resident of being involved in a racketeering scheme to turn him into a false hero, defraud millions of people out of the price of the books and raise millions in donations to the charity. The other defendants allegedly in on the scheme are co-author David Relin, publisher Penguin Group and Mortenson’s Bozeman-based charity, Central Asia Institute.



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  • Kaytype

    While the debate rages on over which parts were true or false, what actions should be acknowledged, which dismissed and how much is allowed to pass from fact into fiction in a book that was an inspiration to others, the most vital aspect is clear. In positions of responsibilities, when actions and words are intended to raise financial support and humanitarian assistance never should anyone be tempted, for any reason, to bend the truth for greater impact. The cost of the lost credibility of one man has damaged the public perception of the value of giving and that is a crime for which this man should be held accountable.

  • I think this is a horrible example of “jealousy” and envy by someone who never had a “Best Seller” as Greg Mortenson did!!  This man, is probably a “leftist” who has no religion except his own egotistical  ramblings and wishful thinking and attacked another man who used his “best seller” to such a  magnificent cause as Greg Mortenson did!!   Who does he think he is?  Wants to “take down” an organization that has done more good than any ambassador could ever do!

    Jon Krakauer has made a name for himself by “piggy-backing” his poisonous rhetoric onto the amazing works of Greg Mortenson’s work!!

    • Kaytype

      As you state so clearly in the opening of your post “you think” which is fine, we can all do that, but you also need to read, read lots, understand and go deep into your logical mind and recognize that writing what you ‘think’ is as unsubstantiated as writing a crap piece of fiction and passing it off as fact…