Post-Kony campaign issues in Uganda: Zombie disease, the oil curse and weird connections | 


Now that the frenzy caused by the Stop Kony viral video has declined somewhat — with its meteoric success as a social media campaign targeting an African warlord, followed by the bizarre public indecency of the campaign’s leader — let’s consider where we are at with this and some other news items out of Uganda:

The “nodding disease” mystery: Baffling illness turns Ugandan children into violent zombies

Fears of the oil curse: Ugandan communities fear coming oil boom

An African’s view of American humanitarians: The White Savior Industrial Complex

How the push to capture Kony may fuel land grabs: Ugandan communities face second genocide

Ugandan military steps up attacks on opposition: Uganda’s army launches brutal crackdown on insurgents

Kony video flops in Uganda: And the Kony campaign gets linked to anti-gay U.S.-based religious group

That last one, about the Kony 2012 organization Invisible Children being linked to virulently anti-gay Christian organizations, sounds a bit stretched to me. Frankly, I can no longer keep up with this story and all of the allegations. But at least it increased the world’s attention to many issues in Uganda … even if Kony is now in Congo.

  • bruceewilson

    Here is a better link to that “And the Kony campaign gets linked to anti-gay U.S.-based religious group” story.

    But, that title isn’t strictly accurate. The story is about how Invisible Children has been heavily funded by right-wing evangelical Christian foundations that oppose gay rights. There’s no question as to the facts — the research is derived from 990 tax forms filed with the IRS.