Visualizing violence

For International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we re-run a recent post by Katie Leach-Kemon on Humanosphere charting violence in Latin America. As the graphic below indicates, violence from intimate partners is a leading cause of disability for women:

Violence chart

A report released by WHO estimated that 38% of murders of women are perpetrated by intimate partners. The report also highlighted links between intimate partner violence, mental health, drug abuse, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. In countries like Honduras, IHME found that intimate partner violence was the main risk factor for years lived with disability among women ages 15 – 49, as shown in the figure above, primarily due to the depression it causes. Here is the online link to the figure above.

As Katie noted in a separate post last month, violence against young men is also deserving of attention – especially given that most studies confirm the old axiom that violence begets violence. A graph from that post:

Mortality rates by sex



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