If Wes Anderson made a charity campaign video…

it might look something like the above.

Update: Read Amanda Taub’s smart reaction to the problems with the video.

This was not made by the best living director never to win a best picture Academy Award.

The video was made by Hurley H2O and SurfAid Sumba to raise awareness and support for increased access to clean and safe drinking water.

As a pretty massive Wes Anderson fan, I can only say that I approve of bringing his film style to the charitable sector. Aside from the fanboy love for an homage to a great filmmaker, I appreciate that it is a creative way to tell the story of how something as simple as water can affect the life of one boy in the Philippines.

With that said, I need to add a caveat. I know nothing of the actual campaign. My praise is meant only for the marketing, and not the work.

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