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Humanosphere is the only independent, non-profit news site in the U.S. that is solely focused on worldwide efforts to reduce extreme poverty and inequity.

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Isolationism, extreme nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise, here and abroad. Fake news is rampant in what some have dubbed a ‘post-truth’ world. Walls are going up. Misunderstanding. Separation.

Here at Humanosphere, we admit to having a bias: We think poverty and inequity anywhere is bad, for all of us. We believe in building bridges, in reporting on the world as one community. It’s not really about charity; these efforts should be seen as a necessary investment – in peace, stability, prosperity and our future.

But if we don’t also find investment, financial support, we will have to accept that our ambitious, entrepreneurial adventure has run its course. We don’t have the money to hire a development staff; all our time and money goes into content. Yes, we’d like to invest in creating a more sustainable business model, something even big media has trouble achieving. But we already provide more bang for the buck! Just look at this site.

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