Global map of carbon footprint, US leading cause of climate change

The Guardian has produced this interactive map that shows which nations are most responsible for producing the emissions driving global climate change.

The U.S., of course, shows up immediately as one of the world’s biggest air polluters and drivers of global warming. Meanwhile, our country’s representative at current climate talks going on in Durban, South Africa, is feeling the heat from critics.

This is just a screen grab. Go to link for the interactive map.

Says the Guardian:

There are many ways to view the world’s carbon emissions: by national totals or emissions per person; by current carbon output or historical emissions; by production of greenhouse gases or consumption of goods and services; by absolute emissions or economic carbon intensity.

Our interactive map allows you to browse all of these different measurements, each of which provides a different insight. Together they highlight the complexity of divvying up responsibility for climate change and some of the tensions at the heart of the global climate negotiations.


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