More pushback on AP story re Global Fund fraud

Circle of money

The Associated Press recently caused a firestorm in global health circles with a (somewhat questionable) report describing instances of fraud and corruption in the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Given the echo chamber nature of the media, the AP’s version of this story is still out there bouncing around on the InterWebs producing copycat reports typically headlined something like “Corruption Plagues Global Fund.”

As I wrote yesterday, this was no small exaggeration given the actual level of identified problems (about 0.003 percent of all grants). Further, the AP story was written as if this was a major revelation when it was, in fact, the Global Fund itself that identified these cases of fraud — about a year or so ago.

Here are two more reports, one from NPR and another from William Savedoff at the Center for Global Development, that challenge the AP’s story.


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