Global smoking map | 

The Washington Post reports that when it comes to smoking, “Nobody lights up like Eastern Europe, where average annual consumption can exceed 2,000 cigarettes per person.” A map of smoking worldwide:

Washington Post


  • Philippe Boucher

    It looks like for a lot of countries (like in Africa) they have no data, at least for this map. Looking again I see that France is in grey as well as if they did not have any data either!
    Of course there are data. And for India and other countries if they don’t smoke tobacco cigarettes they smoke bidis… so putting them at the bottom could be misleading. Also no data for Sweden? Come on… Is the map credible? Not that smoking is very high in Eastern Europe, it is.

  • Sabine

    As of 2010, one in ten people in India died from smoking hand-rolled cigarettes (bidis). The WaPo totally blew it on this one.