Ten disease burden stories from around the globe

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When Bill Gates and a gang of Seattle number-crunchers this week revealed the latest phase of the new Global Burden of Disease report – a massive survey of death and disability – news organizations focused on how their home countries scored.

Most media, Australia a notable exception, reported on how poorly they were doing.

Gates and the researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation emphasized that the GBD study, while it did focus on death and disease, also showed major improvements in many countries – especially with respect to child mortality and certain infectious diseases.

Read on for 10 stories spawned by this study from around the globe:

Here’s a video excerpt of Bill’s comments on Tuesday, at the Gates Foundation, where many were gathered to celebrate the release of the Global Burden of Diseases’s new tools for visually exploring and analyzing country health data:



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  • docswithinborders

    whomever did the media relations for this study deserves a friggin’ award of some sort. Trying to release news this wide geographically must have been a huge logistical undertaking.