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An anti-TPP march in Philadelphia, July 2016. (Credit: Becker1999/Flickr)

President Donald Trump yanked the United States out of a major Pacific trade deal Monday, making good on an election campaign promise and delivering a hammer blow to Asian allies. Trump said he had “terminated” the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade deal binding the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Vietnam and seven other allies against growing Chinese economic clout. Together, TPP members represent 40 percent of the world economy.

Human Rights
Pakistan faces allegations of ‘enforced disappearance’ of activists

The government of Pakistan is under fire for the suspected abductions of at least four social media activists in the last week. Amid gathering protests and mounting pressure from human rights advocates and journalists, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan assured lawmakers on Tuesday that intelligence agencies are looking into the disappearances. Meanwhile, one more activist was reported missing today.

News Rounds
News in the Humanosphere: Deadly attacks across Afghanistan

A double bombing by the Taliban near the Afghan Parliament office compound in Kabul on Tuesday killed dozens of people during the early evening rush hour, officials said. The assault in the Afghan capital was the deadliest of several high-profile attacks on Tuesday, including an explosion at a government guesthouse in the southern province of Kandahar that wounded the provincial governor and the visiting ambassador of the United Arab Emirates.

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