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Tom Paulson is founder and lead journalist at Humanosphere. Prior to operating this online news site, he reported on science,  medicine, health policy, aid and development for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Contact him at tom[at]humanosphere.org or follow him on Twitter @tompaulson.

  • Rough_Handling

    OMG the rock star of public health has finally learned how to disaggregate his country level data so that we can stop comparing countries and start looking at more local influences on health.

  • Jeff Bauman

    Fascinating and informative

    • Jeff Bauman

      This comment was meant for the “200 years of history” post — but I also find The Onion fascinating and informative.

  • terry lawhead

    Wow, impressive visual demonstration of statistics. I am a pessimist, tho, struggling with such a cheery view of improving economies. could there be any other overlays that collide with that message? I am sure readers of Humanosphere are acutely aware of the forces that drove the improvements. I am a product of modern medicine, which saved my life a few years ago, and my children are healthy, for which I am on my knees with gratitude. But….it goes without saying, right, what fueled this, and the transitions required for our indulgence, and the political and civic will required, etc. etc. Great great presentation, thank you for plucking it out of cyberspace, but I hope nobody reacts passively, as with television-produced news, etc…..geez, there are ghosts and phantoms all around those happily rising dots of color…only a pessimist like myself would dwell on the phantoms, so oh well….but thanks tom….