2010 AIDS conference

The world's largest AIDS conference is being held in Vienna.


PATH Experts Were Early Pathfinders to AIDS Microbicide | 

So far, the best news out of the 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna was the report issued Monday that an experimental vaginal gel containing a small amount of an anti-HIV drug was fairly effective at preventing HIV infection in women.



Microbicide applicator

It is the first effective anti-AIDS microbicide, a tool designed to help women protect themselves against HIV.

Microbicides — the word itself and an advocacy movement aimed at promoting the concept — were originated in the 1990s by two people, Lori Heise and Chris Elias, both of whom brought their passion for women’s health issues to Seattle-based PATH. Continue reading

AIDS Meeting: Link Round-Up | 

At the 2010 International AIDS Conference, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates urged the world to continue the progress made against the pandemic, scientists report success with a new HIV-preventive tool for women and UNAIDS reminded us that 10 million HIV-positive people who need treatment are not getting it:

  1. The two Bills called for donors to keep commitments to fund AIDS efforts and for more “efficiency” in spending.
  2. A New York Times report on new tools, efforts aimed at preventing HIV in women.
  3. Huffpo: A report on the glitz, the hope and despair of this high-profile meeting.
  4. There has been progress getting more people on treatment.
  5. This was supposed to be the year we had universal access to AIDS drugs. Here’s the UNAIDS’ assessment of where we’re at, about 10 million or so people short.

Big AIDS Meeting: Show Us the Money | 

The 2010 International AIDS Conference is taking place in Vienna this week, bringing together 25,000 people to discuss and debate a myriad of issues — science, policy, health, human rights — swirling around the pandemic.

But the main issue is pretty simple: Will the international community fund this global health fight at a level that will make it winnable? Continue reading

Bill Gates’ Somewhat Vague Wish List on AIDS | 

Bill Gates

Thomas Hawk

Bill Gates

A week before he was to speak at the world’s largest AIDS conference, which began Sunday, July 18, in Vienna, Bill Gates shared his thoughts with a select group of journalists.  What needs to be accomplished next to reign in the pandemic? Mostly, he said, we need to be more “efficient.”

Gates said he intends to make four key points at the massive AIDS meet: Continue reading