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2 The 10 stories you missed while following the Philippines

The disaster following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines rightly has dominated the global twenty-four hour news cycle. Humanosphere has devoted more of our reporting time to the issue than anything else this week. With nearly one million people displaced and close to twelve million affected, the scope of the problem…

0 Measuring health progress in Afghanistan

Guest post by Katie Leach-Kemon, a policy translation specialist from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. In an Atlantic article last week, Justin Sandefur, a research fellow at the Center for Global Development, wrote about how US foreign aid for health to the government of Afghanistan is…

0 Afghan photographers lead journalism revolution

Farzana WahidyFrame by Frame When the Taliban were ousted in November 2001 a five year old rule that banned photography in Afghanistan was suddenly lifted. Press freedoms helped give rise to a class of Afghan reporters and photographers to tell the stories of the war and life in Afghanistan. A…

0 Bizarre Range of Aid Projects in Afghanistan

With millions to spend on aid projects on Afghanistan, the US has managed to provide funding for some rather strange projects. The New York Times reports on the range of grant recipients that have managed to succeed and fail. One group, Young Women for Change, run by an Afghan woman attending college in…

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