1 A peaceful and food-secure Africa is not just a dream

Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze An open letter by the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s President Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze called on African leaders to follow through and deliver on their promises for investing in agriculture. It came just ahead of the 23rd African Union summit that will bring together Africa’s leaders. In…

3 Why are male farmers out-performing women in Africa?

Gates Foundation The gap between men and women in some African countries is easily seen in agriculture. Male-managed farm plots consistently out-perform those of their female counterparts by as much as 66% in Niger and 25% in Malawi. The long-held belief was that a lack of access to the necessary…

0 What’s In A Strawberry? Poverty and Racism

Michael Valiant/Flickr There’s nothing like sitting down at the table with a bowl of fresh berries from the store. Rinse them, maybe sprinkle a bit of sugar on top, and enjoy. Sweet and healthy. What’s not to like? Seldom do we consider where the berries come from. That’s where medical…

1 Are there trade-offs in feeding the world?

UgandaIamNotUnique A world-wide hunger problem with a continuing growing population means that food is increasingly important. Some 842 million people suffer from chronic hunger. That means one out of every eight people is food insecure. More than 7 billion people are on the planet today. The additional population (roughly 10…

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