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World Politics
2 CIA promises not to do any more fake vaccination programs

The Obama Administration has promised that the Central Intelligence Agency will never again have its spies pretend to be doing vaccinations overseas. Some will laugh out loud at the idea of an agency that is fundamentally based on deception and misdirection keeping any such public promise. More importantly, the aid…

5 Humanitarian aid worker, aid thyself

Guest contribution by Allison Smith and Brendan Rigby, on a new aid worker support initiative by WhyDev Two aid workers measure one year-old Syrian refugee Jawad al-Abbas at a medical clinic in the town of Kab Elias in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Syria’s civil war has left many children suffering from…

2 Tales from the Hood takes up my holiday challenge

I’m still on holiday break but I wanted to publish this guest post from “Tales from the Hood,” an aid worker-blogger who has provided many of us with great insights and perspective from inside the humanitarian industry. “Tales” was posted anonymously, in part to avoid causing trouble for his organization…