Drought crisis in East Africa: ‘When the animals die, people do too’

Hussein Dirie stands alone in a village he has known and lived in all his life. Outside of Somaliland’s bustling towns and cities, a pastoralist’s life is destroyed by a drought more unrelenting than he has ever known. Across Somalia and Somaliland, the U.N. estimates that 6 million people are in need of help. The drought is more severe and more extreme than any drought on record, and, so far, it shows no sign of ending while the U.N.’s Somalia appeal remains half-funded.

Brexit: $395 million in trade deals with developing countries in limbo

As the U.K. prepares to leave the European Union it is reworking trade deals to try to ensure a smooth transition. On the sidelines are developing countries putting some $395 million in annual trade at risk, according to the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). The London-based think tank warned that neglecting the preferential deals could hurt the countries that rely on the U.K. as a trading partner.

World Politics
Israel cuts aid to Senegal over U.N. settlement vote

The Israeli government followed through on its pledge to punish countries for voting to condemn settlement building in the West Bank and Jerusalem. It canceled a planned visit by Senegalese Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye, recalled its ambassadors and cut aid to the West African nation for sponsoring the resolution.

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