0 AidWatch’s best and worst aid

AidWatch’s Bill Easterly and Claudia Williamson have published their assessment of the best and worst aid practices, evaluating such things as how much money is spent on overhead or how much goes to dictators. As summarized on Easterly’s blog, Britain, Japan and Germany do pretty well and the U.S. doesn’t.

0 Does doing “research” aimed at helping Africa hurt it?

Laura Freschi at AidWatch has posted a link to an interesting talk given by a Ugandan academic and raised a question with respect to African scientific research in her post “African Universities: Creating True Researchers or ‘Native Informers’ to NGOs? There’s a lot of discussion out there today about how…

0 AidWatch: UN revealed as a hoax

Yes, it’s April’s Fools Day. One of my Twittering associates already fell for one prank (at least, I hope and presume it is …): An announcement by Malaria No More that they just realized their name was non-grammatical and so have changed it to Movement Against Malaria Alliance (MAMA). Others…