Alan Aderem

1 Seattle Biomed pioneering ‘rational’ approach to vaccines

Vaccines are widely, legitimately, hailed as one of medicine’s most powerful weapons in the fight against infectious disease. Millions of lives are saved, deaths prevented, every year using this simple tool that can cost as little as a handful of pennies. So it’s unfortunate we know so little about how vaccines actually work

3 Using supercomputers to find vaccines against malaria, AIDS and TB

Flickr, ghinson Scientists in Seattle hope to pioneer a more “rational” approach to vaccine development, exploiting powerful computers to better identify immune system targets and reduce the huge burden (and cost) of clinical testing. “I intend to focus first on malaria vaccines,” said Alan Aderem, an internationally recognized immunologist who…

0 Seattle Biomed gets $9m from Gates to boost malaria vaccine work

Luke Timmerman of Xconomy reports today that Seattle Biomed, a global leader in malaria research thanks to funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has gotten a boost. In the article, Timmerman notes that the $9 million grant is aimed at supporting a “systems biology” approach to identify new…