Alanna Shaikh

0 Alanna Shaikh’s entertaining observations on UNCTAD

What the heck is UNCTAD? No, it is not some kind of festering boil in a section of the body you would prefer not be discussed. It’s actually another one of those UN agencies hardly anyone pays attention to, its full name the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.…

Global Health
0 Wordy word AIDS Day

No, that’s not a typo. I’ve decided to mark this 30th anniversary of the recognized beginning of the pandemic as Wordy AIDS Day rather than use its official name, World AIDS Day, because most of what the international community is doing is saying they want to continue the fight against…

2 Is the Gates Foundation a “benevolent dictator” of global health?

That’s the provocative question addressed by two knowledgeable aid experts, Laura Freschi and Alanna Shaikh, in this article for Alliance magazine, a publication focused on philanthropy and social investing. They start out by emphasizing the clearly benevolent side to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Today, the foundation’s annual spending…