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Dichotomy alert: AIDS prevention vs treatment debate re-emerges | 

Today is the day after World AIDS Day. Things are pretty much the same.

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Ruminating on the crazed repetitiveness yesterday of the news stories for this issue du jour, I felt a slight irritation crawling up from the lizard portion of my brain. Something in the torrent of AIDS stories yesterday nagged at me.

What was it? Like a bad aftertaste, or a fly buzzing around my head.

Whoa. It was the old AIDS treatment versus prevention debate. What some call the ugly dichotomy (which, by the way, only seems to apply to poor countries) is re-emerging. People are beginning to say we need to shift away from treatment in favor of prevention.

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Corporate Global Health | 

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The real thing

I just read an interesting post by the always thoughtful Alanna Shaikh on the increasing number of corporations who want to get involved in global health.

It’s well worth reading.

Shaikh, who attended the UN anti-poverty confab in New York City this week, says “It’s an interesting new world of international development and global health.” She noted that the CEO of Coca-Cola announced at the Clinton Global Initiative his leading role in the Partnership for a New Beginning project — aimed at improving relations with the Muslim community worldwide.

Melinda Gates highlighted Coca-Cola in her opening TEDxChange pitch for the Millennium Development Goals earlier this week, mostly to point out that it is possible to build infrastructure that can reach even the poorest people anywhere in the world — at least with a soft drink.

It’s a good thing to get corporations interested in development. The important question Shaikh raises is if the corporate culture will get modified so that it accommodates the development philosophy — or the other way around.