Amanda Glassman

1 Study finds ‘free’ health care DOES improve health outcomes

In the increasingly heated debate swirling around the global movement for Universal Health Coverage, the experts are dueling over some pretty equivocal data. If the poor have free access to health care, does their health improve? Some say the evidence isn’t there. But is this debate missing the forest for the trees?

0 What global health needs is more (value for) money

The Global Fund was, and is, one of the most hopeful, compassionate and impressive things the international community has done in a long time. That’s why it’s being celebrated in and around the grand UN confab this week. That’s why some cheered when Britain announced it would give another $1.6 billion this week, and it’s also why some are clamoring for even more funds – since many millions more are still not reached. But like most things we humans do when we rush in to fix something, it was also seriously flawed.