Amanda Makulec


Taking the measure of global health: Five lessons learned | 

Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation

Crunching numbers, fighting disease

Many, if not most, of the top people in global health were in Seattle last week.

Some 600 people from all around the world were here for the Global Health Metrics & Evaluation conference. Participants discussed the evidence for maternal mortality rates declining worldwide, the difficulty of tracking malaria and a host of other issues that help set the global health agenda.

Critical issues of global importance. But they didn’t get much news coverage. Why not?

I have one theory, and five lessons learned, which I will explain by first recalling a car accident.

Years ago, I was T-boned by another driver. He had been blinded by the sun (or, since it’s gray Seattle, maybe alarmed at the big bright thing in the sky) and slammed his car into my car, driver’s side. My head hit the window before I was flung to other side as the car crumpled. Perhaps it was fortunate, though I hasten to add ill-advised, that I wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Continue reading