Arab Spring

0 Visualizing health in the Arab world

Guest post by Katie Leach-Kemon, a policy translation specialist from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Mohamed Bouazizi In Tunisia in December 2010, a poor, unemployed college graduate named Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself aflame after the contents of his fruit stand were confiscated by police because he…

0 What’s next for the Egyptian revolution?

Families protesting near Tahrir Square by Flickr user Zeinab Mohamed This has been a tumultuous week in Egypt. Huge protests on against the elected president Muhuammed Morsi were followed by what many are calling a military coup d’etat. Now, two and a half years after the fall of dictator Hosni…

World Politics
0 Economist: Why food is so expensive for poor people

Were you confused by the stories that explained, way back when, that the riots and political unrest which exploded into what we then called the Arab Spring (now perhaps better dubbed the Arab Turmoil or Festering Wounds) were sparked by food price increases? This may help clear things up.

0 Does Davos matter? In a good way, I mean.

News analysis The World Economic Forum opened today in Davos, Switzerland. I wasn’t invited. Neither were you, in all likelihood. Bill Gates always is and will make his standard pitch for assisting the world’s poorest. For decades, the global political and business elite have gathered at the WEF meeting to…

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