Map of the Day: Refugees Accepted by US States, Population Adjusted | 

In 2012, more than 87,000 people were resettled as refugees or granted asylum. People from Burma, Bhutan and Iraq made up more than 70% of the refugees arriving that year. The majority of US states take in refugees each year. Roughly 1 out of ever 5 refugees end up in the giant states of Texas and California.

However, adjusting for population, California and Texas are not overburdened.

Refugees per million residents yearly, 2009-12.
Refugees per million residents yearly, 2009-12.
Casey Cupp

This map by Casey Cupp is warped to show which states take on the highest number of refugees relative to their population. For example, the densely populated New Jersey takes in a far lower rate of refugees than that of the two Dakotas. What the map shows is that the distribution of refugees looks very different when considering state populations as opposed to strictly the number of people living in each state.

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Data: Migration Policy Institue

Guardian maps: Asylum seekers increasing across the globe | 

The Guardian reports the number of people fleeing unstable or dangerous situations in their home country is on the rise:

The world had 20% more asylum-seekers last year than in 2010, according to a report by the United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR. The U.S. received 17% of the world’s 441,000 requests for international protection, followed by France and Germany at 12% and 10% respectively. The UK was seventh worldwide, having received 25,500 in 2011.

Afghanistan saw the greatest number of refugees, about 36,000 in 2011 the UN says, and the United States appears to receive the most requests for asylum, more than 440,000 people or about 17 percent of the world’s total. China produced a high number of people requesting asylum, 24,400, closely followed by Iraq.

The news organization also created an interactive map online showing which countries had the highest rate of change in terms of seeking and giving asylum. Below is a screen grab only.