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0 Syria 911

Analysis President Obama gave a very compelling, powerfully argued speech yesterday in which he made the case for a military strike against Syria and also the case for delaying military intervention while we see if the Syrian government adheres to Russia’s proposal that the Assad government give up its chemical…

0 Why is the red line at chemical weapons?

allvoices US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke passionately about the abhorrent act of Syrian forces deploying chemical weapons to kill hundreds of people last week. “What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. It defies any code of morality,” said Kerry. “Let me…

4 Not climate change or global warming: A call for new lingo

It’s a hot time in much of the Western United States, which means we will see more stories about global warming. President Barack Obama, last week, proposed a plan to reduce our nation’s industrial carbon emissions as part of an effort aimed at fighting climate change, aka global warming.

World Politics
0 Much Ado about Power and Rice

Donilon, Obama, Rice and Power walk in the Rose Garden of the White House, yesterday.Evan Vucci If there were such a thing as a foreign policy earthquake, the magnitude of yesterday’s White House reshuffle would have measured quite high. Twitter, blogs and media were abuzz with the news that the…

Global Health
0 Wordy word AIDS Day

No, that’s not a typo. I’ve decided to mark this 30th anniversary of the recognized beginning of the pandemic as Wordy AIDS Day rather than use its official name, World AIDS Day, because most of what the international community is doing is saying they want to continue the fight against…

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