Global Health
2 Saving newborn lives with a cardboard box

BBC It’s a safe bet. Sending cardboard boxes to poor countries will be the next big global child health initiative. The BBC reports today on the history and current use of boxes as newborn beds in Finland. The program started as a form of support for low-income families. In 1949 the…

World Politics
0 Mixed Reactions to the DR Congo Peace Deal

In Ethiopia, 11 countries signed a “Peace Framework Agreement” intended to marshall regional support for conflict resolution in restive eastern Congo. Mark Goldberg of UN Dispatch interviews Prof Laura Seay, Assistant Professor of poli sci at Morehouse College on the prospects of this newest push.

4 BBC looks at “secretive” and powerful Gates Foundation

News analysis The BBC has done an extensive (40 min) report on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation titled “Fortress Bill.” It is available for six more days online and will be rebroadcast on Sunday, Jan. 8. The BBC introduces the Gates Foundation as the world’s largest philanthropy aimed at…

1 Gates Foundation funds BBC global health TV

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded another media outlet, something called the BBC, to do a television show on global health. The Gates Foundation is funding a lot of media these days. I’ve written about this before, including when ABC News launched a Gates-funded series and then a…