Benjamin Netanyahu


Israel’s leader and cartoon diplomacy | 

It’s not clear if one should laugh or cry watching how a world leader made his case — for military intervention, no less — at the United Nations this week. Below is the actual photo of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN talking about the threat posed by Iran’s reported efforts to build nuclear weapons.


Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu explaims complex geopolitics

I was not alone in immediately thinking of Wile E. Coyote’s attempts to destroy Road Runner, a comparison which apparently occurred to almost everyone else as well, such as these reports by the Times of Israel and the Atlantic (which seems to have confused the story line by making Bugs Bunny the target of the wiley coyote….)

Times of Israel

The Atlantic

But perhaps the best perspective on Bibi’s cartoonish approach to geopolitics was provided by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show who summarized a number of bizarre comments made by world leaders at the UN this week – scoring Netanyahu as best of the bizarre: