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Human Rights
0 The aid debate continues in the media and on blogs

The debate over aid does not want to go away, but it is moving away from general statements about whether it works or not. Regardless of who is right and what we believe, it is promising to see the conversation taking a far more constructive tone. However, the present discussions…

0 Bill Easterly on the ‘Tyranny of Experts’

Bill Easterly William Easterly, a professor of economics and one of Bill Gates’ least favorite aid experts, will be speaking in Seattle at Town Hall next Tuesday, March 25, starting at 7:30 pm. Humanosphere’s Tom Paulson will be emceeing a Q&A at Town Hall with Easterly after his lecture Breaking…

7 Jeffrey Sachs: The man who failed to end global poverty

News Analysis (See also Part 2 – the Prequel, a chat with Sachs about his controversial big ideas) Jeff SachsEarth Institute Yes, that’s a ridiculous headline. Oddly enough, it’s not that different from recent headlines on otherwise serious media reports and punditry regarding the anti-poverty economist Jeffrey Sachs. To wit:…

0 The marginal impact of celebrity on humanitarian campaigns

Celebrities are often used as eye candy for charity campaigns and giant advocacy efforts. Remarks from actress Angelina Jolie are released alongside comments from the UN on the number of Syrian refugees surpassing the 2 million mark this week. Mia Farrow vocally campaigned against China in the run up to…

0 Easterly-GiveWell Debate Is Good for Aid

An interesting conversation took place in mid-July between Bill Easterly of NYU; Holden Karnofsky and Stephanie Wykstra of GiveWell; and an unnamed funder. Easterly and Karnofsky penned a pair of blog posts that shared some of the highlights of the conversation. It is interesting in terms of how the two…

World Politics
2 The fight over America giving itself foreign aid

One of the most inefficient and frequently counterproductive aspects of American foreign aid is our tendency to give aid to ourselves — experts call it “tied aid” — rather than directly giving it to those poor folks and communities overseas we are trying to assist. Obviously, we don’t say that’s…

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