Bill Gates

0 Video of the Day: 5 Myths about Immigration in the US

This video comes from the pro-immigration reform group, so it should be said that it comes with a political and activist slant. The founders are some big names, including Bill Gates, Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerburg. It’s supporters include some more stars of the tech industry, one that admittedly…

6 The cure for global poverty: Health

Mother and child, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaFlickr, DFID Researchers Discover Powerful Cure for Poverty and Inequality – Health If you could only do one thing to reduce poverty and inequity around the world, say experts in global development, the best thing you could do is reduce the disproportionate burden of disease…

0 Bill Gates on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night

In case you missed it, Bill Gates was on late night TV talking about his work on global health, aid and development – and new technology, of course. Late Night host Jimmy Fallon to Gates about his philanthropic work: “Thank you for being cool!”

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