Bill Gates

Bill Gates on 60 Minutes

Nothing new, but here’s a nice 60 Minutes interview of Bill Gates regarding his philanthropic endeavors and interest in technology. One apparent glitch at the outset (likely due to sloppy editing) occurs when Gates appears to say he hopes to eradicate tuberculosis in six to seven years. Gates has hopes of doing that for polio, but not TB.

Bill Gates’ humanitarian plan for world (vaccination) domination

Everyone knows Bill Gates loves vaccines. Yet few seem to appreciate just how revolutionary and accidental is this love affair. Promoting this powerful, fundamental tool for children’s health may look these days like the obvious humanitarian thing for a philanthropist to do. But it wasn’t either obvious or that celebrated when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started down this path in the 1990s.

Philanthrocapitalists propose a Social Progress Index

Measurement, in case you didn’t know it, is the new black for the aid and development community. It’s true that innovation, as a buzzword anyway, hasn’t gone out of fashion yet and social entrepreneurship is still hot – despite the fact that few seem able to define it. But measurement is definitely this year’s favored wrap for the hip humanitarian. Now, it’s the Social Progress Index.