0 Visualizing Brazil’s score on health and equity goals

While soccer fans globally have been following the excitement of the World Cup matches in Brazil, riots in the country have thrust its poverty and inequality into the international spotlight. While Brazil has made progress in reducing poverty and improving health, much work remains to improve well-being in the country.…

Global Health
0 Dengue fever spreading: The view from Brazil

Brazil’s battle against dengue is worth special scrutiny because this country is one of the world’s up-and-coming ‘emerging markets,’ and improving health is a top priority on its development agenda. How is it doing against the spread of this expanding mosquito-borne disease?

0 BRICS rapid growth slowing down, may have been unique

The main feature of the new issue of The Economist is on the emerging economies. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa make up the group better known as the BRICS. In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis the economies of the BRICS managed to roar onward and…

0 Celeb Twitter Mistakes Teach Brazilian Kids

Grammar mavens cringe at the sight of blatant errors. Twitter is rife with such errors and celebrities are among the major offenders. So what to do? Well, one school in Brazil is providing a correction service. Kids at the English language Red Balloon school send kind and sometimes cheeky tweets…

0 Emerging markets turn into a pumpkin for investors

WSJ When the global economy took a massive hit in late 2008 it was the emerging markets, countries like India, China and Brazil, that picked up the slack for the older Western powers. These countries managed to maintain strong growth and attack plenty of attention from investment and development experts.…

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