Center for Global Development

0 Why the Electrify Africa Act is vital to powering Africa

The White House stayed true to form in the establishment of its program to increase access to electricity in Africa, Power Africa. Despite the fact that members in Congress were working on the issue, the Obama Administration developed Power Africa on its own. The launch of the program, made by…

0 Charles Kenny: The bright side of America no longer being top dog

For today’s Humanosphere podcast, we talk with Charles Kenny, an expert on aid and development with the Washington, D.C.-based think tank the Center for Global Development. Kenny, a prolific writer and entertaining poverty wonk, thinks we should be celebrating two trends that most might think are contradictory. One is that,…

1 Think Tanks influence public policy, but who influences them?

Intercambio Climatico In the debate over whether the US should raise the minimum wage, the Employment Policies Institute has emerged as think tank cited in opposition to the increase. The name ‘think tank’ gives the institute some level of respect as an independent research body and has been cited by news…

Global Health
0 Back to the fuzzy future in global health

Analysis Flickr, woodleywonderworks The global health community seems at a loss these days, as indicated by two conferences yesterday I web-participated in devoted to coming up with a future game plan for the field. I’ll get to those, but first some context: I am long-in-tooth enough to remember when ‘global…

0 Future of Aid: Where’s the Impact?

This originally appeared in the Brookings Institute blog. Where’s the impact? A results-oriented aid agenda for Africa has picked up steam in the past few years. Last year closed with excitement about cash transfers. Researchers in Western Kenya found that just giving people money was an effective form of assistance. As…

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