0 WFP Struggles Under Financial Weight of Food Crises

Displaced families in CAR carry 25 kg bags of maize, distributed by WFP.WFP Funding shortages have led the World Food Programme to announce cuts to food rations in countries including Haiti, Kenya, Mali and Niger. The UN organization says it needs an extra $1 billion to meet the food needs of…

Global Health
1 Fending off malnutrition in Chad, in Photos

Malnutrition takes a serious toll on children living in Chad. The vast West African nation features a fertile south and a cut off desert north. When rains do not fall or they fall too much crops are destroyed. Poor road systems make it very hard to get food into the…

World Politics
0 On Libya, the Arab revolt and the national interest

Anti-Gaddafi protests in LibyaFlickr, Messay Shoakena The popular revolt in Libya began in Tunisia, gained force in Egypt, and is continuing its spread across much of the Arab world. Libya is different mostly in that we are supporting the rebellion militarily, which has raised other questions. The Arab revolt appears…