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Flickr, M4D Group

Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of shuffling through a list of headlines or doing a search online to find a story about your organization’s work overseas in global health, poverty reduction or social justice you could just click on a map? Wouldn’t it be great if you could contact those living in the communities receiving aid to ask if it is actually helping make things better?

Yes, it would.

And that just happens to be what University of Washington geography and global health professor Matt Sparke has in mind.

Sparke, working with some of his highly intelligent students and colleagues (as well as the not-quite-so-intelligent-but-enthusiastic journalists here at Humanosphere), hopes to create an interactive online tool dubbed ChangeMap.

And here’s how you can help fund this experiment, courtesy of the new online crowdsource funding site Microryza. Here’s a bit more on Microryza from John Cook at Geekwire.

ChangeMap, in brief, will be an online interactive map published on Humanosphere but available to anyone interested in global health, aid, development and global justice to locate these initiatives. In addition, it will allow users to engage in dialogue with those working to make the world a better place — as well as those living in those places we seek to better.

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