0 Can sex sell poverty? Save the Children gives it a try

The video is pure Upworthy click bait, and you’ve never heard the word ‘diarrhea’ sound so sexy. “Models are told to make poverty sound sexy; you will never believe what happens next,” might read the copy accompanying the latest effort from Save the Children. In it, a group of models…

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0 The more some donors know, the less they give

Shaking out every dollar. The movement to show impacts for aid programs continues to gain steam within the humanitarian sector. But what about the donors? Will more transparency and information about the impacts of a program affect their giving habits? The answer to that question appears to be sort of…

0 Why I am not donating to the most effective charity

GiveDirectly has the strongest case of any organization for a donation. It works and has the evidence to back up the claim. Knowing this, I did not give to them this year. I, like many other Americans, wait until the end of the year to do my charitable giving. As a…

2 Donors wants to know which charities make the grade

It’s the giving time of the year. When a combination of the emerging winter and holiday season converge into a moment of fleeting caring in the US. It also happens to be the end of the tax year. Charities make a significant amount of money during this time. An estimated 18%…

1 Video humor: Let’s Save Africa – Gone Wrong

Norway, like other Scandinavian countries, is widely recognized within the humanitarian community for its steadfast and significant support for aid and development efforts in Africa. It is also a country that sees the humor in some of these efforts. So here, from the same Norwegian comedians who gave you Radi-Aid,…

0 Charity does not end poverty

Charity will not end poverty, says Rev. Robert A. Sirico, Founder & President of the Acton Institute. He makes the case in this short video that it is business, innovation and jobs that will transform lives. “Poverty does not end because people are charitable. For all of the charitable institutions that…

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