0 Future of Aid: Where’s the Impact?

This originally appeared in the Brookings Institute blog. Where’s the impact? A results-oriented aid agenda for Africa has picked up steam in the past few years. Last year closed with excitement about cash transfers. Researchers in Western Kenya found that just giving people money was an effective form of assistance. As…

1 Two very different views on charity:water

Scott Harrison You’ve probably heard of charity:water, one of the more successful philanthropic organizations out there working to help bring clean and safe water to poor communities around the world. The reason you’ve probably heard about charity:water is because the media, in general, are enamored with the founder — his…

8 The problem of cheap water (fixes)

Water pump, Mali Guest Post: Improving access to clean water is one of the most important, and popular, efforts in the humanitarian sphere. Depending upon whose estimates you use, anywhere from one-sixth to one-third of humanity lacks reliable access to safe, clean drinking water. Many organizations like the popular group…