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Tacoma high school students do a TED talk to tackle global poverty | 

By Claudia Rowe, special correspondent


When you are young and privileged, almost nothing in the world appears out of reach.

International travel is no biggie. College is assumed. The world beckons.

Against that backdrop, seven high school students in Tacoma decided to give themselves a true challenge by wrestling with some global problems so intractable their youthful energy and vision may turn out to be the most important means to an answer.

Claudia Rowe

Global citizenship class at Charles Wright Academy

The Global Citizenship class at Charles Wright Academy this week held one of those super cool TED talks (TEDxCWA) featuring seven innovative solutions to tackling poverty in the developing world. Each one was fairly futuristic, though hardly science fiction, the result of all these kids growing up immersed in technology.

“We have internet and answers to basically every question we can think of – except, perhaps, the existential,” said student Decker Nielsen, who proposed using playground equipment to generate electrical power in poor communities.

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