1 What are our responsibilities towards Haiti?

Did you miss us? The Humanosphere podcast is back, now that I’m back in Seattle. Earlier this month, I went to Haiti to work on a documentary film about UN peacekeepers who are supposed to protect, rather than sexually exploit, the population. I took the above photo in 2011, after…

0 UN Rebuffs Haiti Cholera Lawsuit, Again

Francina Devariste, 3 years old, lies in a hospital bed in Dessalines, Haiti.UN The United Nations again refused to take responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti caused by a peacekeeping unit from Nepal. Legal claims against the UN were again rejected as the body reaffirmed its stance that it…

0 The man who’s suing the United Nations for bringing cholera to Haiti

Haiti is ground zero for the humanitarian aid system. An influx of international aid agencies dates back decades; today, there are more NGOs per capita in Haiti than in any other country, except possibly India. Then why did a virulent cholera epidemic break out after the earthquake? Why are over a hundred thousand Haitians who lost their homes in the temblor still homeless?

Human Rights
0 UN Refuses to Compensate Haiti Cholera Victims

Haitian boy with choleraUnicef The UN continues to deny responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti. It also now claims it is immune from compensating Haitian cholera victims. UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon told Haiti’s President Michael Martelly that the UN is both unwilling and not required to compensate the…

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