Clay Holtzman

0 Mysterious microfinance firm re-emerges

Clay Holtzman, in his new blog Nonprofit Kingdom, notes that a year ago the Seattle microfinance firm Unitus closed its doors, laid off most of its staff and didn’t really tell anybody (including some major donors) why it did so. Unitus, which had claimed its primary mission was to help…

2 Seattle’s charity event scores big — for causes & credit card firms

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG “day-of-giving” campaign last week attracted about 18,800 donors and raised $4 million to support some 900 local philanthropic organizations. The event, organizers say, turned out to be “The biggest single day in charitable giving in King County history.” It was also, apparently, a big day for…

1 Philanthropy reporter Clay Holtzman to leave Puget Sound Biz Journal

Trying to cover all these do-gooders in Seattle and hereabouts is hard enough without something like this happening. Earlier, I bemoaned the Seattle Times’ Kristi Heim ending her “Business of Giving” blog. Now, journalist Clay Holtzman, who has covered the local philanthropy scene for years, is leaving the Puget Sound…