climate change

3 Climate change threatens more accidents on Mount Everest

Last month’s avalanche on Mount Everest that killed 16 Sherpas exposed a tourism industry that relies heavily on cheap labor from a poor country to allow wealthy foreigners the dream of summiting the world’s tallest mountain. It is likely that such avalanches will occur more often in the region of…

0 World needs to get its shit together on climate change

The effects of drought on maize on an experimental plot at the the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute’s Kiboko Research Station.Anne Wangalachi/CIMMYT Another week. Another meeting. Another paper. Another warning that climate change is a big deal. It’s the annoying broken record playing in the background so quietly that most people…

0 US power is declining and it’s a good thing

The rest of the world is catching up to and will soon pass the dominant US.  It is estimated that today’s developing countries will be responsible for roughly two-thirds of the global GDP by 2030. That is great news for the US and Europe, if the right steps are taken,…

0 The Public-Private Climate Change Spending Gap

If you spend it, they will come. That was thought to be the way to go about getting the private sector to invest in climate mitigation and adaptation activities. As this graphic shows, it is not working so well. The private sector spent twenty-five cents on the dollar as compared…

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