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2 The 10 stories you missed while following the Philippines

The disaster following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines rightly has dominated the global twenty-four hour news cycle. Humanosphere has devoted more of our reporting time to the issue than anything else this week. With nearly one million people displaced and close to twelve million affected, the scope of the problem…

0 Climate and conflict study author answers critics

NKOTB brings the heat Yesterday we reported that a study published in Science linking climate change and conflict sparked a bit of a debate. Turns out one of the authors of the study, Marshall Burke, wrote a lengthy blog post addressing criticisms from other academics. For example, Idean Salehyan of the department…

0 Climate change will lead to more conflict! Well, not exactly

Researchers have long connected climate change and conflict. They warn that the effects of climate change will lead to instability that will lead to fighting. Problem is that the evidence was quite thin. A new study, published last week in Science, by Princeton’s Solomon Hsiang and University of California, Berkeley’s Marshall…

4 Not climate change or global warming: A call for new lingo

It’s a hot time in much of the Western United States, which means we will see more stories about global warming. President Barack Obama, last week, proposed a plan to reduce our nation’s industrial carbon emissions as part of an effort aimed at fighting climate change, aka global warming.

0 World Bank President Leads Charge Against Climate Change

Jim KimWorld Bank The World Bank unveiled its plan to end extreme poverty by 2030 recently. The rapid progress of India, China and Brazil blazed the path towards exceeding the global Millennium Development Goal of halving poverty by 2015. Now the Bank wants to rid the world of extreme poverty forever. Ending…

0 Mapping climate’s contribution to conflicts in Africa

Researchers at AidData say that Mapping makes it easier to identify links between climate change, violent conflict and assistance projects. Here’s one such map that reportedly shows this: Above is just a screen grab that is probably somewhat incomprehensible to you. So go to this link and see how it…

0 World mostly punts on climate change

The New York Times’ John Broder called it a “modest accomplishment” while Inter Press’ Stephen Leahy described it as “yet another failure.” Both are news stories reporting on the conclusion of the week of intense climate change talks in Durban, South Africa — technically known as the UN Frameworks Convention…